Jun 182012

The recent changes in alternatives for communicating with other participants in the TZGISUG community involves option for commenting on postings on this website. It also involves an option to post messages in dedicated forums.

This posting is a walk-through of the different options for interacting through the TZGISUG website.

Registering as a user

Registration is done by finding the Meta-box in the right column. This one gives you an option to register, log in and retrieve list services (RSS).

Login and registration box

To register press “Register”. this will open a new dialogue box. Most of us are bogged down with too many usernames and passwords. Luckily there are some plugins in WordPress which simplifies this buy having Google, OpenID, FaceBook or other third parties doing the authentication for us. For you, the user, this means that your registration with those third parties is good enough for us.

Logging in

When you are done with registering you can log in. This is done by pressing “Log in” in the Meta box. On the  log in screen you are asked for your credentials:

To stop abuse we also ask the user to  do a simple calculation before logging in. In the above example we are asking the user to give us the result of two +1. The calculations are not predictable – but easy. To log in using Facebook, Google, Yahoo or similar press the relevant button.


When you have logged in you are free to comment on postings and forums. The first time you post a message it will be reviewed. This is also to keep the spammers at bay.

Speaking from a personal point of view I appreciate greatly comments on my own writings. I will usually use the comments to update the posting removing errors and to make it more complete.

When you are signed in there is an option to follow a particular posting. This makes it easier for you to filter your inbox in a different way than what the mailing list allows for.

The forum system

The current forum system supports three forums; Announcements, FAQ and General. If you want to keep up to date on specific forums there is an option in the user settings where you can choose to receive emails whenever new postings are made:


If you are tweeting all messages with the #tzgisug hashtag will be streamed in the right column. Short tips or websites of particular interest tweeted with the #tzgisug hashtag will therefore immediately be available on the website.

Getting involved

The TZGISUG community is about contributing to better use of spatial data in Tanzania. Part of this is methods, part of it is technology and part of it is communicating with peers to help promote good solutions. We are hoping that the TZGISUG effort and our forums can contribute to this.

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