Feb 022012

Butterflies are on the move in northern Tanzania … and we’d like to track them! The central question I asked on the TZGISUG list (and Stackexchange) this morning was:

How could we quickly set up a page with a clickable map that lets people record the location of observations and log the data to a central source?

After a few false starts (Google maps lets you make an editable map, but ANYONE can edit or change data, and arcgis.com share maps were impossible to figure out), I had a look at Ushahidi.com’s crowsourcing / spatially aware web application, and the free hosting at crowdmap.com, and we’ve set up a “TZ Butterfly Migration 2012” page.

If you see large numbers of butterflies on the move (and we’re talking about thousands of them …) please got to the submission page at the site and enter your data. At a minimum:

  1. Drag the RED MARKER to the location you saw them on the map – zoom in to be accurate!
  2. Indicate the DATE you saw them;
  3. Fill the REFINE LOCATION box – that’s the same as ‘locality’.
  4. Click “Submit”!
Your observations will be approved by an admin and then posted live. Here’s the current map from tzbutterflies.crowdmap.com:

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