Feb 232015
  • Geoserver SLD repeat = PropertyName

    i’ve got Geoserver up and running, rendering spatial data in Openlayers, based on a view from a Postgresql/Postgis database. I’m trying to get most of the values for the SLD file by the object (column) in the database, this works fine by using as an expression, e.g.

        <CssParameter name = "fill"><PropertyName>sld_font_color</PropertyName></CssParameter>

    this also seems to work with some VendorOptions like

    <VendorOption name = "followLine"><PropertyName>sld_font_follow</PropertyName></VendorOption>

    but won’t work with some other VendorOptions like

    <VendorOption name = "repeat"><PropertyName>sld_font_repeat</PropertyName></VendorOption>

    the same error comes with maxDisplacement and autoWrap

    <ServiceException code="internalError">
      Rendering process failed null

    and the data from the view looks fine


  • WFS without Geometry data type in openlayers

    Is it possible to display layer as WFS if layer does not have field with data type “Geometry” ?

    I have shape file which imported in postgresql and want to display or access as wfs layer from geoserver using openlayers.The file contain field with data type geometry but when I tried to publish using geoserver it takes multipolygon datatype.

    But I published layer with multipolygon data type using geoserver but it does not display and I can’t edit it.

    The layer displays in geoserver but not in using openlayers.

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