Feb 192015
  • How to translate geoexplorer to another language

    I am trying to translate Geoexplorer to Swedish language. The information in Google on how to do this is very limited.

    Can someone light me up with a step by step?


  • How to create a searchbox in geoexolorer

    Is there someone knowing how to create a searchbox in geoexplorer? On google there is very limited information about it. I work for a municipality and this would be the next step in developing our Webmap.

    Help please!

  • web2py and open source GIS components (geoserver, openlayers, postgresql) [on hold]

    Could someone guide me about how to use open source GIS components (geoserver, openlayers, postgresql) with web2py?
    I would like to develop a web based GIS app with web2py and open source components.

  • Hosting DigitalGlobe stereo imagery on GeoServer

    I have a pretty fresh install of the latest Boundless OpenGeo stack (v4.5). I have a requirement to host some stereo satellite imagery. I’m using the sample imagery over China provided by DigitalGlobe (https://www.digitalglobe.com/product-samples). The .zip file is quite large and contains a directory for panchromatic imagery, one for multispectral imagery, and a GIS_FILES directory that seems to just contain various footprint shapefiles. Each of the imagery directories contain many supporting files: .ATT, .EPH, .GEO, .IMD, .RPB, .STE, .TIL… DigitalGlobe has an Imagery Support Data Document (https://www.digitalglobe.com/sites/default/files/ISD_External.pdf) that explains the information in each file. They all seem to provide information about the image pairs, overlaps, etc.

    I’m confused how to properly host this data in GeoServer. Should the two GeoTIFFs be added to independent stores in GeoServer? Is there some other sort of mechanism that keeps the two images together or contains the metadata in the DG provided files?

    Sorry for such a novice question. If anybody has any advice on how to host stereo image pairs like this in GeoServer, I would greatly appreciate it!

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