Sep 052011
The SuperMap company appoints the Kenyan JapakGIS as distributor. Read more about JapakGIS and Supermap in this article. Supermap provides the following products:

  • Service GIS – Development Platform for Customizing Web GIS Applications
  • Component GIS – Platform for Customizing Desktop GIS Applications
  • Desktop GIS – Professional and Ready-to-Use? GIS Clients
  • Mobile GIS – GIS secially Designed for Mobile Devices

SuperMap Software announced that JapakGIS Limited in Kenya is appointed as the authorized exclusive distributor of SuperMap GIS products for Kenya and Ethiopia, and the non-exclusive distributor for Uganda and Tanzania.

Headquartered in NAIROBI, KENYA, JapakGIS is a GIS software development and services company that provides platform software, customized software and solutions to all market segments. JapakGIS has been involved in various GIS projects in the Government, NGO, community development projects and environmental organizations. JapakGIS has a very qualified staff in sales support, projects management and application development. The mission of JapakGIS is to help customers get the most from their investment in GIS. JapakGIS’s deep understanding of geospatial technologies and proven business skills will help them achieve their vision by turning ordinary spatial data/datasets with a geographic component into actionable intelligence. GIS is becoming a very integral part of our lives, careers and our different professions. East Africa is appreciating the power of a geographic information system (GIS) to organize, visualize, and analyze data.


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