May 252012

Several times the last months we have suggested GIS-users start using OpenStreetMap data. But we have failed to say where you can find the actual files. They are of course available for download.

In this article we will give an overview of where you can download shapefiles based on OSM data and also how you can contribute to the project.

Downloading OSM shapefiles

The OpenStreetMap data “lives” within a huge PostGIS database. At regular intervals some of the data are exported and made available in other formats. The below link will take you to a fantastic place where you can download the Tanzanian data sets.:

If you click around some you will also find sources for other parts of East Africa, or other countries/places.

Contributing to the OpenStreetMap project in Tanzania

The OpenStreetMap project in Tanzania needs your help. either by tracking the roads and paths you travel by, or by you digitizing on-screen using one of the many tools.

If you decide to contribute it could be a good thing to take a look at the country guidelines for contributions:

  2 Responses to “OpenStreetMap data where?”

  1. You’ll find more up to date Shapefile extracts at Geofabrik

  2. Thanks Mikel – updated the article 🙂

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