Oct 302010
As a geographer I once in a while end up being extremely positively surprised by innovations, both commercial and from open source communities. Google Earth, which most of us know, has opened the world of GIS in a completely new way for the general public. Geoserver is another door opener.

Although Geoserver will not find the same audience as Google Earth it helps by leveling the field when it comes to providing spatial data by the use of servers. Where one earlier would need detailed knowledge (and funding) to set up ESRI products, one may now do the same investing only a couple of hours of work. Within hours you could be able to present spatial data within your own organization, or even externally using a web server.

This short article is a small review of Geoserver and some of its capabilities.
Web Map Services and Web Feature Services are tools for presenting spatial data both for internal and external consumption. In this article I will use an example from my workplace to show how a protected areas data set can be presented using Geoserver 2.0.2. Version 2.1 is just around the corner.

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