Sep 162012

OpenStreetMap has updated their satellite imagery covering parts of Arusha and Serengeti. The imagery is delivered by Bing (Microsoft) and allows for tracing of roads and buildings in the mentioned areas. Microsoft has updated much of their imagery covering Tanzania the last year. The additions covered in this article represent important foundations for further developing the OpenStreetMap maps.

For Arusha the imagery covers the area east of a north south line going from the Nanenane ground up towards the Philps area. Although the imagery is rather grayish it still serves as an excellent basis for tracing of buildings and roads. The below maps have been made after spending an hour or so tracing industrial buildings east of the Nanenane ground and the Institute of Accounting in Arusha.

An example of editing in progress using the OpenStreetMap tool Potlach is seen below. Image below has Serengeti Wildlife Research Station in focus.

OpenStreetMap in edit mode with the Serengeti Wildlife Research Station area.

All in all openStreetMap is open for business and conditions are excellent for mapping in parts of Arusha as well as the Serengeti.

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