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    Juniper GIS is offering a five and a-half day conservation oriented GIS class at the South Africa Wildlife College, near Kruger National Park, October 28 – November 3, 2012. The cost is only $575 USD, including lodging and all meals if you sign up before August 1. This is a unique opportunity to learn critical GIS skills in a great setting at an incredibly low price.

    The class, Working with ArcGIS for Environmental Analysis,(http://www.junipergis.com/training/destinations/arcgis-for-environmental-analysis/)
    is appropriate for new GIS users and for experienced GIS users wanting more in-depth instruction. Juniper GIS courses are based on real projects, with an emphasis on the skills needed to successfully complete your projects. Students will learn key GIS skills including compiling and organizing data, understanding projections, using symbology and labels, working with tables, editing data, performing analysis, and creating finished maps while working through realistic, conservation oriented, GIS projects. Students will also be introduced to some advanced skills – working with Spatial Analyst, using ModelBuilder, and using Google Earth. Students will earn 40 hours of education credit towards the GIS Professional (GISP) certificate. For more information on the course, contact John Schaeffer at John@junipergis.com or Mervyn Lötter at mervyn.lotter@gmail.com

    The cost is $575 USD or R4650 before August 1 and $775 or R6275 after August 1 for shared rooms. The price for single rooms is $605\R4900 before August 1; $805/R6525 after August 1. This price includes lodging, all meals, and all manuals and training materials. For more details
    see: http://www.junipergis.com/training/destinations/south-africa-gis-training/ or you can download a PDF description of this offering at http://www.junipergis.com/index.php/download_file/view/157/

    Thank You,

    John Schaeffer, GISP

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