About the TZGISUG forums


The TZGISUG will in due time replace the TZGISUG mailing list. The website admins considers that an integration of the list and website is a good thing.

We have decided to keep three separate forums for the time being. They are:

GIS in Tanzania Forums

Topics are discussions which are formed within a forum. This means that when a person posts a question or wants a discussion it ends up being a topic.

  One Response to “About the TZGISUG forums”

  1. Hello!. Have districts shape files inserted into temporary table named ‘districts_shp’ . I have checked if the shapefiles are technically valid by running this query : Select *, ST_IsValidReason(geom) from districts_shp where ST_IsValid(geom) = false . The results is that am getting the message that some districts has Ring self-intersection (x,y) . H ow can I solve this problem of Ring self-intersection

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