May 152012

As of the 15th of April the TZGISUG website was transferred from a server placed in my attic. It had been running there for almost four years. The server also hosted the TZCRC website. The setup gave easy access to hardware changes and upfates.

Moving the server to the “cloud” was an easy choice. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) basically let you set up a virtual computer which is set up according to the requirements for your applications. Running a couple of websites consumes few resources and I have therefore opted in for the smallest virtual machine available.

Working with EC2 has been interesting in many ways. Not only because I have used virtual computers in my day to day work. It has also sparked some new thoughts about how we can structure spatial data related to GIS and research in Tanzania.

As some of us know the initiative to have a centralized spatial data infrastructure in Tanzania has so far not led to anything substantial. The idea is therefore to set up a proof of concept based on experiences from the website and other projects which I have worked on together with Howard Frederick.

I am hoping to come back to the group on this issue by the midle of June.

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